Bro. Elphinston


Bro.G.Fred Elphinston was born as a fifth baby on 14/2/1954 to Mr.Gabriel in a small village MALAIVILAI at greenish kanya kumarai district of TAMIL NADU. Even his birth is in Christian family he didn’t believe the existence of God. since his family is wealthy so there is no need to seek God. But in his life there is no peace. One day he came across one church in his inner mind someone told to enter that church. while he entered that church he is filled with heavenly peace. In that church one old lady introduce the love of Jesus. From that time itself he love to pray alone because it gives peace. By Gods plan he and some friends forms a small prayer team. They use to pray three hours every day evening. In 1995 he got anointy, while praying alone in room .And the youths start preach the love of God. While he preaching peoples get miracles in the name of Jesus. And many peoples from various places come for deliverance. He preach the love of god and pray for them,. HIS ONLY AIM IS TO LIFT THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST TILL THE END OF HIS LIFE …Now he and his family doing gods ministry..

About Family

Bro.G.Fred Elphinston was married on 23/1/1983 and having One son and two daughters, The whole family is now living for Jesus Christ.