Bro. Anfinston


Bro.F.D.Anfinston is an ME graduate and He is a lovely son of Bro.G.Fred Elphinston born in 20/10/1987.His parents loved him very much because without having children for five years he was born. At his one and half year age, all are said that he was died while in one accident but one Pastor’s prayer he got the life back. Till his schooling he lead a clean life and as a good obedient boy to his parent. But while entering in to the teen age his mind goes to wrong way. He forget about Christ love and lead a own life. Because of his fathers prayer he got admission in one Christian engineering college.

One professor MR.JOYSON ABRAHAM preach the word of god and prayed for him and said “YOU ARE THE VESSEL OF GOD” as prophecy. And one day by the compulsion of his room mate in hostel (9/9/2006) night 8:30 he prayed at the same time his dad is also praying for him in house .At that time God touched him and he feel that he is in dirty. Same time opposite of that hostel (Thirumarioor CSI church) one pastor leads a confession prayer in all night prayer .That Pastor prayed for him by HOLY SPIRIT. He feels that one dirty is leaving from his body. At that time itself god Anointed .He changed as a new man.He is filled with heavenly joy and decide to preach the word of god.

Now Bro.Anfinston is ministering powerfully for Christ .While he preaching the word of god in convention meetings and other prayer meetings many people are getting deliverance from sin, disease ,course and bondage of Satan.