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              Our ministry has been reg under GOVT OF INDIA as Christian charitable trust REG NO:83/BK4/2010.And it was started by BRO.G.Fred Elphinston in 1995. Now monthly once fasting prayer, every Thursday prayer for deliverance and every Tuesday chain prayer was conducted in SHEKINAH’S TABERNACLE.. Apart from this youth camp,Convention meetings are conducted periodically…

             We are a non-denominational, Spirit-filled, teaching ministry. We are people that are hungry for God’s best, and we are willing to abandon all that we thought we knew to grab hold of the truth of the Word of God. Our back bone of our ministry is PRAYER PRAYER AND PRAYER… We are a very close, fun loving family. wherever we go, we radiate the love of God and show Jesus is real god by doing wonders in the name of Christ. Visitors always testify that they can feel the love of God in our midst when they come. Our teaching is fully based on Godly pure, salvation and Christ in Cross….


"Dwelling God's Glorious Presence to the World"